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August 5, 2011

Written in the stars joke

Teacher:Where is your homework?
Me:Written in the stars 
Teacher: Okay. Wait!?!?!, where???
Me: A million miles away.
Teacher: What are you saying!?!?!?
Me: A Message to the main.
Teacher:Would you like summer school young man!
Me: seasons come and go ;)
Teacher:You will always be a terrible student won't you?
Me: I will never change...
Teacher:Go to the office mister!
Me:I'm on my way
Teacher: PUT THAT DAM iPOD AWAY!!!!!!!
Me: Sorry, written in the stars is a awesome song...^-^
to those who do not what song it is...hear this....^-^

1 comment:

peep said...

fuiyoo.. lagu pon boleh jadi jawapan eh.. :)

Lagi Best.....^-^